Your ultimate sales companion, E-App lets you and your clients experience an end-to-end application process that is purely digital. Whether you are making a pitch by the beach or engaging your client over aperitifs, your E-App is ready when you are.


The online dashboard for all your sales-related activities like policy progress, requirements, agency news and updates, promotions and contests. IRIS helps you manage your business so you can do more important things like build relationships with clients.


Your e-learning platform, always ready to help with sales materials, product videos, compliance courses and more. Log on to ALEX for sales tools you might need.

FWD Tapp

For our always-on, always on-the-go customers, Tapp is a user-friendly, one-tap insurance app. FWD Policyholders can manage their policy, review coverage and details, pay premiums, track investments right from the convenience of their smartphone.

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