What you do makes a remarkable difference.

We believe in the work we do. It’s meaningful work. Time and time again we see the impact it brings to the lives of our customers. Especially at their time of need. Our motivation sets us apart from all others.


Those who have invested greater time and effort in insurance will tell you — there’s a lot of money to be made here. There’s prosperity when you commit to the process. You really do profit from the time and effort you put in. And you’re always actively engaging people whether that’s a prospect or a potential recruit. Instead of just sitting at an office processing papers.


As our customers’ lives improve, their need for protection increases. By looking at insurance through their eyes, we are able to provide products based on their need. Insurance that’s led by them. Driven by technology. Easy to understand, to buy and claim.

Set for Health

Allows you to claim up to 3x to protect you against major critical illnesses. It provides continuous coverage without further payment after your first claim, and rewards you when you stay healthy up to age 75. Take charge, make your move, and face the future with confidence.

Set for Life

It offers a higher level of protection with the launch of new add-ons, tailor-made for people’s diverse lifestyles and evolving insurance needs. Bundled with FWD’s Set for Life product, these add-ons provide extra layers of protection that suit every customer’s insurance needs and budget and give optimum coverage so they can live life to the fullest.

Set for Tomorrow

It provides three affordable and flexible solutions that fit your protection needs and make you and your family’s dreams come true, even when you are no longer around. Protect your journey and achievements with a life insurance plan that insures your loved ones’ dreams and preserves your legacy.

Customer Stories

Empowering Stories. Real People. Relevant Experiences.

These are the stories of actual FWD clients who’ve triumphed over trials and lived their lives to the fullest. What’s your story?

FWD Customer Stories:
Naomi and Oly

Their mom Coney, who loves impromptu trips and surprises, isn’t much of a planner. Yet, she was able to plan for what’s important—her children’s future. Meet life insurance beneficiaries Naomi and Oly Opolento, who are now living their lives, worry-free. Their mom’s foresight allowed them to continue their studies and pursue the things they are passionate about.

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FWD Customer Stories:

Cancer is tough, but you can be tougher! PBA employee and FWD Insurance claimant Hazel Ancheta did not let breast cancer break her. Three more years of fight to go and she’s up for it. With a ready offense and defense, nothing will stop her from living her best life yet!

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Work Life

As the workplace continues to change, we continue to innovate. Our enhanced benefits empower employees by offering them the flexibility to choose what works for them.

With programs that put emphasis on health and well-being, our employees are better able enjoy themselves and their families. This is a place where we celebrate life while at work.


Insurance is a great career choice that offers greater economic potential, enabling you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You do the work at your own pace, in your own place. With greater flexibility, you have time for other important schedules like your children’s school activities.

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